Mmyqycf denise ritsema

Mmyqycf denise ritsema

Denise Ritsema. · December 30, Love my glasses! Thank you for your great service and so many wonderful choices. Something for everyone. Mary Ann.
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The common household process that is often compared to the way the endocrine system maintains homeostasis is a furnace thermostat on the wall of a house.

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If there is a decrease in blood calcium the parathyroid glands will secrete more PTH. The hypothalamus releases a hormone in the pituitary gland, controls the blanace of water, sleep, temperature, appetite, blood pressure and such. In a house a thermos … tat is set at a specific temperature. Learn more, including about available controls: Cookies Policy.

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These hormones are sent via the blood to specific spots in the body to control things like blood sugar, heart rate, etc. See my bio at: The answer is much too long for this forum.

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If blood calcium levels increase too much, the parathyroid glands will reduce their production of PTH and less calcium will be released from the bones. It is usually compared to a heating system that.

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