Obituaries jackie coogan child star films dies

Obituaries jackie coogan child star films dies

obituaries jackie coogan child star films dies

Jackie Cooper is shown in costume for his role in the 1931 Hollywood movie " Skippy." Cooper earned a best actor nomination for the role.
LOS ANGELES (AP) — Jackie Cooper, the former child movie star who won a best Cooper died Tuesday of old age at a nursing facility in Santa Monica, Calif.
Jackie Cooper, who went from Oscar-nominated child star to TV Perry White in the four Christopher Reeve Superman films — has died....

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Chaplin: His Life and Art. He played a vicious gunslinger in his next project, Shane , and his performance left an indelible impression and earned him a second Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor. He attended several colleges, as well as the University of Southern California. After greeting the other members of the party with perfunctory handshakes, Chaplin, immediately recognized Coogan whom he hadn't seen in decades , warmly embraced him, saying, "You know, I think I would rather see you than anybody else. Here's a look at some of the actors who made it big when they were kids. View All Memorial Sites. Durkin died almost instantly at the scene, and Coogan Sr. Cooper got his start as a bit player in silent comedies and Follies -style musicals before landing an audition to be a part of the Our Gang shorts produced by Hal Roach.

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